DIY Beauty: Beginner Halo Braid

DIY Beauty: Beginner Halo Braid

It’s so important to educate, through education comes empowerment and encourages confidence and creativity. Where would we be as humanity if we did not create and imagine amazing things?!

“As an beauty artist, my goal is to leave you inspired and enlivened while you interact with me and long after. ” ♥

Fairy tale braids are an easy way to get started with learning a current style, this braid begins with a fishtail braid and wraps around the head to create a feminine, fairy-like halo that crosses at the top of the head near the hairline.

What you’ll need:

4 clear elastics


Hair pins or bobby pins, for this time, get about 10. For more blended look, get some that match your hair color

Hair at least below ear.

(The shorter the hair, the higher you secure the pony tail at the head and more pins you might need. If you want a messy braid,  short hair can be a fun way to get an easy look!)

The fishtail braid is a simple two-strand braid. This braid will make up the style of the halo, to begin, brush the hair down from natural fall and part it where you want the fishtails to start.

We chose a middle part and started braiding each side by first securing a ponytail behind the ear with a clear elastic band, this makes a sturdy and clean braid for beginners.

Separate the pony tail into two pieces, and alternate taking a slice of hair from one side and bringing it over to the other. Place your thumb at each intersection point while transitioning the slice motion from one side to the other.

Continue this action until the end of the braid and secure with a clear elastic band. Repeat on the other side. Tip: Don’t worry about making this perfect, a fairy tale braid is best when it looks like you flew around a few hours and caught some sparkles and flowers in your hair on your way. ♥

Now you have two fishtail braids, both secured at the head an the tail! You are 80% there, now, take one side and fold it over the head to the opposite side, secure with a hair pin at the base of the elastics to the head. Then add any extra for comfort and longevity of the hairstyle. Repeat on the other side, by taking the other braid and folding it over to the opposite side and securing the two braids together.

Tip: Tuck the tail of the second braid into the first and hide any loose ends with pins.

Great job! You have accomplished a fairy tale braid, you can now mess up the edges for a whimsical finish, add contrasting bobby pins (like below) for a home grown finish, and any flowers or crowns are permitted now.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your hairstyle!