Boho Bridal Hair

Jumping into wedding season with this years top looks! Get ready, the top look is:

Hair that looks like you live in a tree somewhere in an ancient forest of flowers, and you spend all day in the hidden gardens lingering with dew-drop drinks before you wander into the starry night to celebrate life as the princess you are.

Nailed it!

The best part about the anti-updo, is that you can still maintain all of that structure, in an ahem, ‘casual’ up-style. My photos for today will be about how to undo a braid and curl while still being soft and structured.

1.) Brush your hair. Do not leave this out! You will end up with unintentional fly-aways vs. coiffed romantic ‘oops! I was just born to be free’, never- meant -to -secure- that -piece- anyway- face framing pieces.

2.) Get Handsy.  Fluff your hair with hands and finger comb, so it’s soft and ready to braid or pin, not stuck to your head.

3.) Braid or curl your hair by using a wand or a fishtail technique, these methods leave your hair in an organic shape that can be undone easily.

Now that you have the basics, here are some do’s and don’ts you can follow for best practices.

  • Do put in a beach spray when hair is wet or dry. Use the texture to soften the finished curls or braids
  • Don’t use a hairspray on wet or damp hair, this defeats the soft look. You want windblown and tousled hair, not beach wave, ‘wet look’ hair.

When you finish securing your braid or softening your curls, finish style with a toss in the direction you want it to flow and spray lightly with a workable hold spray. Place your crown and wait for the applause.

Finish your style by messing up the surface. Take a tail comb and gently slide it at the end of the hair or the surface of the braid to unsettle some of the hair in that section, do this until you have a soft rim of see-through hair around your braids or curls.

TIP: do this in natural lighting near a window.

You are ready to rule the fairy kingdom again and swim with your merpeople now. Share this with anyone who you think could use an easy summer style and enjoy your day.

Beauty prevails,