Blonde Highlights: Natural & Noticeable

Blonde highlights are an art form to themselves, every blonde has a different desired result, and takes a different formula based off what their existing canvas is to achieve the result.

That means, while there is no ‘winning formula’ for one look, there are techniques your stylist can use to get the best look for you. (Yay!)

I love blonde highlights, and while most of my techniques are multifaceted, I will simplify here and share some of my best practices.

My 3 Best Practices of a Blonde Highlight Service:

“What, Where, How”

  1. Desired Result: What are we out to achieve?
  2. Formulation: Where are the limits and goals?
  3. Placement: How will we achieve this?
All photos shown are without filter, to maintain the integrity of the actual results you can see below.

Desired Result:

What are we out to achieve?

“Buttery blonde, bright and dimensional, natural and noticeable.”


Where are the limits and goals?

“Base 7 ash, colors every 6 weeks, fine and wavy hair, growing hair out, tends to sun bleach easily.”

I chose a 2 color formula technique at Regular power. The same way that Starbucks gets to choose their meaning of strength and size, so do I.

I use a system of “Low, Regular, Medium, and High” as a guideline when formulating my strength, medium in this case is 6% peroxide.

  • Color #1: Powder Bleach, Color #2: Light Blonde Ash

About bleach: Using bleach as a tool not as a weapon is my motto, strategic placement of bright pops for the blended effect of highlights, not of chunky or platinum blondes: This desired result effects the power or strength I choose for my bleach.


How will we achieve this? 

“The Four P’s”

  • Parting:I chose a straight back parting, with left and right side coloring from crown to hairline, then right and left sides (alternating each service visit)
  • Panel: I chose alternating finely woven color varied with medium woven panel
  • Pattern: Color #1 and Color #2 with a slice of her natural hair in between to maintain the dimension and control visibility of outgrowth.
  • Process time: 30 min

Final tip: HAVE FUN! Blondes are a great service to be expressed in your best practices and have your color appointment be light and flow. I love highlighting flow, and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Beauty on,